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2 men on a boat with a fish in the net.

Next Bite TV

The Next Bite crew explores North America in search of Walleye, Muskie, Pike, Smallmouth Bass and more! In this educational based outdoor series, champion tournament anglers Gary Parsons, Chase Parsons, Korey Sprengel, John Hoyer, Tom Kemos and Jason Przekurat explain the finer details of how to get the most out of the latest tackle, electronics and boating offerings to increase your fishing odds. You’ll feel like you’re sitting in the passenger seat, while garnering the knowledge to upgrade your fishing game with innovative and classic techniques to help you get your, “NEXT BITE!”

The Next Bite TV

Serious Angler

The Serious Angler brand began back in the summer of 2020 with the mission of learning more about bass fishing. That goal remains #1 on the list today and each year, as we add more fun for you Serious Anglers to take advantage of!

FutureCast Academy

FutureCast Academy’s instructors include Bassmaster Elite Anglers, Bassmaster Open Champions, local tournament anglers, and guides with years of experience on the water across the country. These instructors will provide training in electronics, boat setup, tackle selection, tournament preparation, and seasonal patterns. FutureCast Academy instructors will also share valuable information with students about angler marketing and building partnerships.

Alex Rudd Fishing

Alex Rudd has built the brand of Alex Rudd Fishing into a multi platform social media content creation business. This all spawned from his passion for fishing which started on Youtube. One of those avenues is the Alex Rudd Fishing Podcast. Alex started a podcast with one plan in mind… There is no plan. Alex sits down with all types of people ranging from Biologists, Guides, Pro Fishermen and anyone else who has ventured down the rabbit hole. Though the podcast focuses on fishing, there is no telling what conversations might come up. From the ethics of fishing to Bigfoot, the Alex Rudd Fishing platform will give you an exceptional Fishing experience!