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Kayak Batteries


You choose to attack the water differently than most. You prefer to get where others cannot and to be right there where all the action is. Kayak fishing is not just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle. And we know that just because you choose to fish differently, it does not mean that you have any less demand for premier power! You are the modern-day kayak angler. You may have a trolling motor, you may be running one or two graphs and you rely on your Gopros or phones to be powered all day. Just because the boat is smaller doesn't mean the power demands are any less! That is why at X2Power we now have an expanded line of lithium power perfect for your kayak. We have the options to suit your exact kayak requirements. We offer batteries equipped with Bluetooth monitoring, ensuring you and your X2Power batteries are ready for whatever the day throws at you. We know that you demand the very best power for your setup and with our large selection of lithium batteries, we are certain you can rig your kayak exactly the way you want. Don’t settle for average. Demand X2Power.