X2Power. Relentless.

The day dawns with possibilities. You turn the key. Press the pedal. Hit the lights. Grip the throttle. On the road, on the trails or on the water, you expect your truck, bike, ATV or boat to work just as hard and as long as you do. That’s why Batteries Plus created X2Power®. We’re talking serious batteries for serious enthusiasts.

Designed to withstand extreme conditions and to perform above and beyond the competition, X2Power batteries provide the starting power you need and the all-day performance you demand. Mile after mile. Cast after cast. Hour after hour. X2Power delivers.

Recharging faster and lasting longer than the competition. Plus, X2Power batteries and expert service are found at over 700 Batteries Plus stores around the country and they’re backed by the industry’s best warranty for high-performance batteries: four years free replacement for marine batteries, and five years for automotive batteries.

That’s the story. X2Power. Made in the USA. Sold by battery experts. And designed and built for the most demanding applications (and the most discerning consumers) on the planet.

X2Power Features

X2 Power Battery

Highly conductive connections including cast on straps, inter‑cell connectors and brass terminals ensure maximum power

No additives – 99.9% pure lead electrochemistry greatly increases temperature and corrosion resistance, while reducing component aging

More active material, and increased compression allow X2Power to contain almost 40% more plate surface area that directly relates to capacity

Why X2Power?

Longer Life Icon

Longer Life

  • 28 times more vibration resistant than a standard battery
  • 30% longer life per charge
  • Lasts 3X longer than a standard battery
Better Built Icon

Better Built

  • Recharges 5x faster than traditional batteries
  • Made with 99.99% pure lead
  • Made in the USA
  • Guaranteed to be spill-proof in nearly any mounting position
Best Value Icon

Best Value

  • Four-year (or five) free replacement
  • Two batteries in one; cranking and deep cycle combined
  • Available exclusively at over 700 Batteries Plus stores nationwide