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ATV & UTV Batteries


ATVs are the hunter’s lifeline to get deep in the thick to retrieve your trophy when a truck won’t fit. Farmers and ranchers rely on their ATVs to get around to work the fields. They’re also a great way to have some fun! Trail riding and racing with ATVs is an exciting time to be had. UTVs are the workhorse, they can handle anything you throw at them. With more power and more seats than ATVs, UTVs are used for towing, hauling, transporting people and comfortably getting you out to the fence on the back forty for some repairs. You don’t just want to use it, you need to use it. Whether for work or play, a great battery is key for your ATV or your UTV. X2Power lithium ATV and UTV batteries will keep you out longer with less downtime so you can do what you love.