Battery FAQs

The Right Charger for AGM & Lithium

The most important thing to look for is that the charger matches the voltage and chemistry of the battery. 

For instance, if you have a 12V lithium battery, you will need to use a 12V lithium charger. If you run two 12V batteries in series where the output voltage is 24V, they will need to use a 24V charger. Using a charger that has an auto-shutoff is also recommended to prevent overcharging the battery.

You should never use a charger that isn’t designed to be used on your type of battery. AGM batteries need to use an AGM charger and lithium batteries need to use a lithium charger. There are chargers that work for both, like our X2Power chargers that will work with AGM and Lithium batteries.

How Do I Know When the Battery is Fully Charged?

When you use the appropriate charger, the charger will inform you when the battery is fully charged and ready to be disconnected. Many of our Lithium batteries have a push-button voltage indicator to make checking the state of charge easy. 

A huge perk of our new lithium batteries with Bluetooth is the ability to monitor things like the state of charge from your phone.

How Do I Ship My Lithium Battery?

DOT regulations require that all lithium batteries be shipped in appropriately labeled, heavy-duty boxes that can be purchased at your local UPS or FedEx office.

How Should I Store My Lithium Battery?

X2Power Lithium batteries should be stored in a cool, dry place. When storing your lithium batteries, fully charge them before tucking them away for the off-season. When you store your X2Power lithium batteries for more extended periods, we recommend charging them at regular intervals. This will help ensure a healthy battery when you need it for the next season. 

How do I Extend the Life of My Battery?

The answer to this question really depends on the type of battery you are using. 

AGM: Regularly check for and remove any corrosion on the battery terminals and connectors. You can use a terminal cleaning kit or a mixture of baking soda and water with a wire brush to scrub any corrosion away. Installing terminal protectors and using an anti-corrosion spray before connecting your battery will help prevent any corrosion from forming. You should also ensure the battery is fully charged after each use, and charged regularly during long-term storage.

Lithium: To get the most out of your Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries you should be recharging after each use. For the longest life, you should never completely discharge the battery nor should you ever overcharge the battery by leaving it connected to a charger past charge completion. 

Can I Connect in Parallel or in Series?

Yes! Both X2Power Sealed Ultimate AGM and X2Power Lithium batteries are ideal for connecting in both series and parallel to fit your power demands. There are limits to the number of lithium battery connections, however. Refer to the battery’s specification sheet to confirm the maximum number of connections.

How Do I Get the Battery Out of Sleep Mode?

Your X2Power lithium battery has a BMS that is constantly monitoring battery voltage. When it detects that the battery is at 8 volts, it will turn off the discharging and charging circuits in order to prevent damage to the battery. This is what is referred to as ‘sleep’ mode, where the battery reads zero volts (0.0V) at the terminal. When this happens, the battery needs to be released from this protection before it can be used again. 

There are a couple of ways to release a LiFePO4 battery from Sleep Mode: 

  • Use a smart lithium battery charger with the right charge mode that will send a low current to the battery until it wakes up and accepts a normal charge. 
  • Use a lithium battery jump starter. Normally used to jump-start engines, these can also be used to wake a sleeping battery.
  • Use a DC Power Supply or charger set at a constant voltage of 14.6V and minimal current (0.1C or less). Most batteries ‘wake up’ within the first couple seconds of connection but it could take close to an hour. The battery can be charged normally after this. 

What is a BMS (Battery Management System)?

Lithium batteries are superior to lead batteries in many ways: they're lighter, charge faster, more efficient, have a longer lifespan and more. Lithium batteries do tend to be a little more sensitive to certain conditions. That’s where a Battery Management System (BMS) comes in. 

A BMS is an onboard tool that is built into the battery to monitor and manage the battery’s performance.  Most importantly, it helps ensure your X2Power battery doesn’t operate outside its pre-determined safety limits. If the BMS detects any conditions that are outside of those safety limits, the battery will be shut down to protect the lithium cells and the user.

Are Lithium Batteries Safe?

X2Power lithium batteries are made with lithium iron phosphate, the safest and most reliable lithium chemistry. Our batteries are 100% safe, with no heavy metals, and are non-toxic. Pair that with X2Power’s built-in advanced battery management system, and you have one of the safest lithium batteries on the market.