What Battery Justin Martin Uses to Power His Boat

I am perhaps best known for chasing ducks and a reality TV show from years gone by, but what you probably didn’t know is that fishing is without a doubt my first love of the outdoors. I grew up fishing every pond I could walk, ride or catch a ride to. My grandparents instilled that love in me long ago and while the love got tempered by work and a hectic schedule, it is still alive and well in me.

When the folks over at X2Power reached out and wanted to know if we could work together, I honestly didn’t know what the correct answer was. I mean I knew that the product would be solid but what I didn’t know was how we could help one another. Once my batteries arrived, I could tell they had done their homework. The product looked and felt solid so it was a no brainer for me from that moment on.

In a matter of full disclosure, up to this point of my life I had been a bargain bin battery guy when it came to marine batteries. My thoughts were: as long as they keep me on the water, why spend money on quality? I was operating under the assumption that power was power. Once I installed the X2Power batteries, I realized just how incorrect I was in that assumption. We certainly don’t need to go down the road of what happens when we assume. The first thing I did upon installation was fire up my electronics. Immediately I could tell that my picture was clearer, but I honestly just thought it was due to the fact I was operating them in demo mode. Once I hit the water, it was evident what I had been missing in the world of marine power. While those bargain batteries kept you on the water, they did not maximize all of your accessories. I am here to tell you that the X2Power battery does. Immediately, my image was still clearer than ever before and all little shades of interference I had been having were gone. I never realized the benefit of clean power before then. I mean we spend all this money on electronics but if they aren’t receiving the correct power then we never realize their potential. Eventually, while running my graphs, trolling motor and livewells prior the batteries would just become weaker throughout the day. Now with the X2, I have not run into this situation. My voltage stays steady throughout the day and I honestly fish with more confidence because I don’t doubt my equipment at all.

I cannot tell you how excited I am to get the batteries for my ATV, UTV and duck boat for the fall. I will no longer have to worry about will I make it home or not. That is a big relief. My livelihood depends on my ability to stay in the outdoors and X2 makes sure that is no longer an issue. I would venture to guess that I spend more time outdoors than most folks and having that peace of mind will certainly make the hunt that much easier. Do yourself a favor and go see what relentless power will mean for you.