AGM Marine

X2Power® batteries’ pure lead dual purpose design has the high cranking power needed to start boat motors and the cycling capabilities for running trolling motors and on-board accessories such as depth finders, fish finders, radios, radar, lights and coolers. Need the power to run pumps, lighting, electrical, refrigeration and more on your RV? One X2Power battery does the job of separate starting and deep cycle batteries.

X2 Power AGM Battery
X2 Battery AGM Detail
X2 Battery Pure lead Detail
X2 Battery Brass Terminal Detail

Key Features


• Two complete batteries in one – 100% starting and
100% reserve power to handle electronics

• AGM Technology: non-spillable, non-gassing and
maintenance free

• Pure lead is great for fast recharge; ideal for
extended usage and seasonal storage

• Stands up to vibration and install in any orientation
(except inverted)

• Low internal resistance – provides very high
discharge and recharge 

• Four year replacement warranty